The processing method

There are two secrets that make Monte Monaco’s products so good and easy to cook: raw materials of excellent quality and a production method that enhances them, that preserves the wisdom of ancient workmanship, but which has been able to evolve, benefiting from the best technologies and an all-Italian research and experimentation process.

High-quality flours

the flours come from highest-quality legumes from traced organic crops and short supply chains

Grounding on stone

the raw legumes are ground on stone

Flours and water

the dough is made from the flour obtained from the grinding of one type of legume, to which are added only the pure mountain water and the fresh mountain air

Bronze drawing

the pasta dough is drawn at low pressure using bronze dies: this avoids the use of plastics and allows to obtain a rough and porous pasta, perfect to retain the condiments

Slow drying

the drying is slow and at a low temperature, in order to maintain all the nutritional properties that nature spontaneously gives to the legumes

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