Private label

MONTE MONACO offers its own production method and business system for customized productions.

Those who want to have legume pasta under their own brand can choose multiple combinations between:

Type of legume

Pasta format


The private label clients are supported in their new experience in all the phases leading to the obtaining of the products they wish to place on the market.

Entering the world of organic legume pasta together with a company that bases its commitment on quality, traceability, security and sustainability means adding good products to the catalog in every sense.

Same production method, even for every private label client

Monte Monaco

works the raw flour of lentils, broad beans, peas and chickpeas

kneads the dough mixing the flour with mountain water

gives shape at low pressure using bronze dies

dry slowly at low temperature

to offer rigatoni, fusilli, penne, laccetti, gancetti and tubetti of natural colors and with a rough surface that can capture at best endless types of seasonings and condiments.

The quality of MONTE MONACO’s products and your brand can easily be a winning combination.

Trace the good(nes)s

from the ground to the table

Monte Monaco has been implementing BLOCKCHAIN technology since September 2020, also available on demand to support productions in Private Label.
An innovative and future-oriented way to make your brand even more distinctive.

Our private label packages

printable transparent sachet

250 g

sachet with U-shaped label

250 g

transparent sachet with band tag

250 g

transparent sachet with adhesive label

250 g

box with plastic-free window, contens 3 single-portion sachet

195 g (3 x 65 g)

box with plastic-free window, contents 1 transparent sachet

260 g

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single-portion transparent sachet of 65 g in multipack of 20 pieces

1,3 kg

single-portion transparent sachet of 250 g in multipack of 8 pieces

2 kg

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