Our added value

We wanted to make good products that were also safe and sustainable.

The special production system we use allows us to protect end consumers, land and nature. Just like the generations before us, we work respecting our environment, but with a more scientific approach and we are aware of the consequences of all our actions.


We produce on the Marche side of the Monti Sibillini National Park, in the Central Apennines. Our land are the organic fields with short supply chain, our environment is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, mountains and hills overlooking the sea and a particular climate where legumes grow full of precious properties given spontaneously by an unspoiled nature.


We have made the wisdom of ancient processing our own. We mix raw flour from organic chickpeas, lentils, broad (fava) beans and peas with mountain water to obtain a variety of shapes, dried in the fresh hill air.


We treat our ingredients so that they best preserve their typical characteristics. Stone milling of raw flours, bronze drawing at low pressure and slow drying at low temperature allow us to produce good, rough, fragrant and natural shapes, which lend to many recipes and cooks in just a few minutes. Our 100% legume products have a high content of vegetable protein, fibre, minerals and vitamins. They are also gluten-free, have a moderate glycemic index and contain little salt and fat.


From sowing to packaging, we follow a scrupulous method aimed at obtaining high quality food products. We use state-of-the-art Italian machinery. We are BIO, BRC, HACCP, FDA, IFS, VEGAN certified and use the Quadrans public blockchain to provide extreme transparency.


We pay attention to the earth, greenery and climate through short supply chains and agreements with local farmers. We use plastic-free packaging made of eco-friendly paper and compostable bags, fighting waste with single-portion packaging.


We do not take for granted the trust of our customers. Each processing step is guaranteed and tracked with blockchain technology:  through the QR-code on the boxes you can virtually follow the product’s lifetime.


Monte Monaco’s commitment preserves the essence of a territory, but with an eye to the future, for the benefit of mankind and the planet. We fully meet consumers’ needs who see food as a factor of prevention and well-being, a key element of a new, more sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

A transparent supply chain

The flour used as raw material comes from traced organic crops, thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the farmers belonging to the Monti Sibillini district.

Consumers find a QR-code on every package, which shows the product’s lifetime thanks to blockchain technology.

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A sustainable approach

There can be no quality food if its production harms the environment.
We produce our products through a short supply chain and we choose to fight waste by providing single-portione packaging made entirely from compostable and recyclable materials.
We choose organic farming and minimize production steps, because farming and production aim first to enhance and protect the environment.
Even the packaging is designed to minimize the environmental impact: packages are made from compostable bags and eco-friendly cardboard boxes, which are certified products based on controlled wood and recycled materials.
For the same reason we decided not to include  plasticized window on the boxes:  we strongly believe in a totally plastic-free production, just like ours.

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