Blockchain technology applied to the food sector makes it possible to trace food through the manufacturing process, from seed to packaging. All supply chain stages can be viewed by the consumer by reading the QR code printed on the label. Through cards filled in at each step and made unaltered by the system, product information becomes a blockchain capable of ensuring transparency, safety, reliability and sustainability. Thanks to the Quadrans blockchain, Foodchain SpA (i.e. Joint-Stock Company) aims to make transparency an essential asset for every stakeholder in the food supply chain to guarantee the origin, quality and value of food for the benefit of producers and to protect consumers.


BRC is the British Retailer Consortium certification. Established in the UK, it has spread all over the world as a guarantee of the company’s reliability standards concerning food safety and the quality of the company network.


VEGAN certification is based on a strict procedural guideline that aims to make the world a better place. Certification guarantees that the company respects the strong ethical principles of the vegan style, the right to life and freedom of humans, animals and the environment.

International Featured Standards Food

IFS Food is a GFSI-recognised standard for auditing in the food sector for the safety and quality of food products and production processes. IFS Food applies when products are processed or in case of product contamination risk during primary packaging. The IFS Food standard is important for all food production companies, especially for those producing under the private label, because it contains many requirements about compliance of specifications.

FDA Registration

FDA Registration Certification by the US Food And Drug Administration. It is required to protect public health and allows products to be imported into the USA.

Certificazione Produzione Biologica

Organic Production Certification Certifies that the product has been made from raw materials grown according to EU rules on organic production. The EU has set up a strict procedural guideline with ongoing checks at all levels of the production supply chain.


Good as only pasta can be and rich in vegetable proteins and fibers

100% Chickpeas

100% Fava beans

100% Lentils

100% Peas

Each box contain 3 singleportion in compostable bags and biodegradable

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